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Mr. Eugene M. Lang

June 2011

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onseca in eugene_lang

I applied regular decision...

Im wondering if I will find out before March 25th?
I will be in New York for the next two weeks and this is why im wondering.

Also has anyone been accepted yet regular decision?



Freshman regular decision letters will be mailed April 1st. I applied on November 15th, so believe me, I'm just as anxious as you are. My counselor talked to them and they said all the letters will be mailed out that day. A little bit less than a month to go... Hang in there!
I haven't heard anything yet... Waiting sucks.
indeed it does, if you are accepted do you think you will attend?


No doubt about it! Only hard part is finding the money. o_0


I also applied rd and the wait is killing me !!!! I was there 2 weeks ago and sat in on a class and soooo loved it !!! It will be a long 2 weeks ugghhhhhhh!!!



hey there,
if this is any help i live in the Massachusetts and just got my acceptance letter today March 22.


I too just saw the tweet from the Twitter account; I'm so anxious!
Best of luck everyone!


i also just got my acceptance letter today if thats any help.


For those concerned about financial aid, if it's because of unusual circumstances that are not explained on the FAFSA, you can fill out a special circumstances form. I'm a current Lang sophomore and my parents have extraordinarily large medical costs that eat up a large portion of their already modest income, so Lang was able to adjust my EFC a bit and give us more money. Frankly, it still isn't enough and I'm going to drown in debt after graduation, but every bit really does count.